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Vacant Building Insurance

There may come a time when your home or commercial property becomes vacant for a period of time. Vacant buildings are attractive to vandals and thieves, and are subject to undetected water damage. Ironically enough most standard insurance policies won't cover such perils as vandalism, theft or water damage, the very damages that your vacant building is at risk from most.

Here are some of the things that Vacant Building Insurance Covers:

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    The building itself

    Damage or destruction of your building by losses due to certain causes.

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    Personal Property

    Covers the content of the building should it become damaged or stolen.

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    Vandalism and Glass Breakage

    This covers your vacant property being vandalized and any windows or other glass features being broken by an attempted break-in or accident.

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    Covers any injury to damages to people who are trespassing on your vacant property.


As well as these types of vacant building coverage you can also add damages caused by an equipment breakdown or due to an act of terrorism.

Here at Greenline Insurance Brokerage we can help you find the right vacant building insurance coverage to meet your needs whether your building is vacant due to being posted for sale or vacated for renovations or some other reasons. Just give us a call at 1-718-861-2000.

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