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Motorcycle Insurance

You have paid good money for your motorcycle and are looking forward to many years of enjoyment riding your motorcycle. Most states require you to carry insurance on your motorcycle, but there are many different types of motorcycle insurance you can choose from.

Types of Vehicles Covered by Motorcycle Insurance

There are several different types of vehicles covered by motorcycle insurance including:

  •   Mopeds
  •   Scooters
  •   Dirt bikes
  •   Street sport bikes
  •   Cruisers
  •   High Performance bikes
  •   Custom bikes
  •   Touring bikes
  •   Motor Cross bikes
  •   On/Off road bikes
  •   ATVS

Motorcycle insurance usually cost less than automobile insurance, but insurance rates can vary based on a number of different factors including where you live, where you store your motorcycle when you are not riding it, the type of motorcycle you have, How often your drive/ride your motorcycle and your own driving record. For example, living in New York where there is a great deal of traffic and therefor an increased risk of you becoming involved in an accident will cost more than if you lived in a rural area where traffic was practically non-existent. In addition, if you ride your motorcycle daily then you are more likely to have an accident while riding your motorcycle than someone who only rides their motorcycles once or twice a week.

Types of Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

There are several different types of motorcycle insurance coverage and the type of coverage you carry will also factor into the cost of your premiums. Here is a look at different types of motorcycle insurance coverage that is available:

Comprehensive Damage Coverage

Covers any damage to your motorcycle that occurs and is not associated with a collision such as the theft of your bike or damage caused by high winds, or falling tree branches. Comprehensive damage coverage may pay to have your bike replaced up to the current worth of your motorcycle.

Liability Insurance

Motorcycle Liability insurance protects you from paying if you should be riding your motorcycle and cause bodily injury or property damage to another person or their property.

Total Loss Coverage

If you carry total loss coverage and your bike gets totaled then you can get the retail value of a current year motorcycle that is the same make and model of the motorcycle that is damaged. If your motorcycle is a limited edition motorcycle than the amount of the payout for the loss will be negotiated.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage covers any damage to your bike, your riding apparel, and your helmets as a result of an accident.

Medical Payment Coverage

Should be injured while riding your motorcycle then having medical payment coverage will cover the cost of your medical care, this type of insurance comes in handy if your don't have health insurance or if your health insurance doesn't provide you with full medical coverage.

Optional Equipment Coverage

Covers any additional equipment you have added to your motorcycle to enhance it looks and value. In some cases, policy owners who purchase collision or comprehensive motorcycle insurance get optional equipment coverage up to $3000 for free.

Towing and Labor Costs

This type of coverage covers the towing costs should motorcycle break down and even covers labor costs under certain conditions.

Trip Interruption Coverage

Should you be riding your motorcycle far from home and collision occur or you have mechanical breakdown then trip interruption coverage will cover your hotel room, food, and alternate transportation while your bike is being repaired up to 500 dollars per incident. ($100 for lodging, $50.00 for food, and $50.00 for alternate transportation per day)

Uninsure/Underinsured Motorcycle Insurance

If you get hit by an uninsured or under insured motorist this type of insurance coverage will damages to your motorcycle, injury to your person, and even lost wages.

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