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Home Owners Insurance Products

While worker's compensation insurance helps cover the medical expenses and lost income of an employee who is hurt on the job, as a business owner you also need to stop and consider what it would mean should you, your partner or key person on your staff should for any reason become disabled and be unable to perform their job.

  •   1-3 Family houses or dwellings
  •   Renters Policy
  •   Vacant Buildings
  •   Flood Insurance

About Your Home Owners Insurance Needs

Home Owner's Insurance will provide you with financial protection against disasters to your home and its contents, damage to your property and your liability for injuries caused to others including any injuries caused by pets or your animals, vandalism and theft.

Home owners insurance normally does cover damages caused by earthquakes or floods, although additional insurance can be purchased that will cover this type of damage. Homeowner's insurance does not cover any damage or liability caused by the owner's poor maintenance of their home or property.

Homeowner's insurance usually covers 4 Things including:

Structural Damage

Should all or part of your home's structure be damaged by any disaster caused by one of the disasters covered by your insurance policy then your insurance will cover either the repairs or the rebuilding of your home. You want your homeowner's insurance to cover the rebuilding of your home in case your entire home should become destroyed or damaged to the point where rebuilding is necessary. In most cases your home owner's insurance coverage should also cover any out buildings such as sheds and garages.

Personal Belongings

Most homeowner's insurance policies should also cover any of your personal belongings inside of your home or out buildings. Normally insurance companies insure your homes personal property for about 50 to 70% of the structural worth of your home. In most cases home owner's insurance payouts won't cover expensive jewelry or art work, but you can get additional coverage to cover these types of items.

Liability Coverage

If someone gets injured on your property on by your pet, then the liability coverage under your homeowner's insurance will cover the medical bills of those people who are injured.

Additional Living Expenses

Your Home owner's insurance may also cover additional living expenses for food and lodging in case you are temporarily unable to live in your home while repairs are being made or your home is being built. Your additional living expenses may also cover any rent you are out if have a tenant that is renting part of your home. Additional Living Expenses coverage is often limited, but you can pay additional premiums to get more coverage.

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