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Flood Insurance

Flooding is a natural disaster that occurs in all 50 states including the state of New York. Even a few inches of standing or flowing water can result in millions of dollars of damages. Normal insurance policies do not cover flooding and requires insurance holders to have a separate insurance policy in order to protect their home or commercial building from flooding and the damage it causes.

Flood insurance is available to both residential and commercial building owners as well as to renters of residential or commercial spaces.

While there is National Flood insurance available flood insurance through a national program is limited to about $250,000 for the building itself and $100,000 for the contents of the building, many homes and their contents are worth much more than the limit that National programs offer. If you want to ensure that your entire home and all of your property is covered you are going to want to get your flood insurance through a private company.

Residential and Commercial Flood Insurance

Residential and Commercial flood insurance normally covers any damages to your building itself so that you can get the flood water and damage cleaned up as well as covers any necessary repairs to return your home or commercial building to the condition it was in prior to the flooding.

In addition, most flood insurance coverage also reimburses home and commercial building owners for any damages to the contents of the building that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Flood Insurance for Renters

While renters of apartments, homes, or commercial spaces don't suffer any loss if flooding damages the building they occupy, flood water can damage the contents owned or leased by renter and result in huge financial losses in terms of their personal property. Flood insurance for renters protects you from the loss of your personal property due to flooded conditions.


Here at Greenline Insurance Brokerage we can help your find affordable flood insurance to meet your residential or business needs and protect your investment in your building, its contents or both. Just give us a call at 1-718-861-2000 and let us help you find the right flood insurance to meet your needs and protect your property in the case of flooding.

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