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Disability Insurance for Businesses

While worker's compensation insurance helps cover the medical expenses and lost income of an employee who is hurt on the job, as a business owner you also need to stop and consider what it would mean should you, your partner or key person on your staff should for any reason become disabled and be unable to perform their job.

Chances are you have not only invested your time and a great deal of money into getting your business up and running and becoming a success, but your family and employee's depend on your businesses continual success in order to have the money they need. However, without some time of protection you stand the risk of losing everything you have worked so hard should you be unable to work even for short period of time.

Here at Greenline insurance brokerage we want to help you insure that your business and your life's work isn't lost should you or a key employee become unable to work by offering a variety of disability insurance policies that are designed to meet your business needs. Here are four types of business disability insurance that can help your protect your business and your future.

Personal Disability Insurance

In the event that you should become ill or disabled this type of insurance covers your medical needs and sees that you and your family still have an income if you are unable to tend to your business. This type of insurance insures that you and your family will not lose everything should you be unable to work.

Key-Person Disability

Key person disability is a short term insurance that is paid to the business if a key person, or someone that is vital to your business cannot work for a period of time. The funds that are paid to business can be used to help defer the loss of money to the business due to this employee' s inability to work, or to help pay for a replacement while your employee is ill either until your employee can return to work or you can find a permanent replacement if they are unable to return to work.

Buy Out Insurance

If you have a partner or anyone else who holds shares in your business this type of insurance gives you the ability to buy out their shares in the company returning them to the business, giving the disabled partner money they need and seeing that your business remains viable and intact.


Disability Insurance for Overhead

If you own a small business, which only has a few employee's or depends solely on one person to produce revenue this type of insurance will pay the business expenses should you become disabled. This insurance is based on your companies actual expenses not on projected profits.

If you are looking for disability insurance to meet all of your businesses needs then why not give us a call at 1-718- 361-2000 and ask to talk to one of our agents and let them know how we can be of service to you. Our knowledgeable agents will help you find the right type of disability insurance to meet your businesses needs.

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