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Apartment Building Insurance

If you own an apartment building then the income you receive from the rental of the units in apartment buildings are needed to maintain your property, pay on your apartment building's mortgage and may be part of your living income. Having invested in your Apartment Building you want to protect that investment by carrying Apartment Building Insurance. You will want to find a an insurance company that will allow you to customize your insurance to meet the exact needs of your specific property.

Apartment Building Insurance usually encompasses the following features:

Building Property

Normal apartment building insurance covers the actual apartment building and other structures on the premises including parking garages, swimming pools, storage facilities, fences, and restraining walls.

Comprehensive Liability Insurance

Protects against bodily injury and property damage to others.

Loss of Income

Should damage occur to one or more apartments in your apartment building then you will lose the income that apartment would incur. If you are unable to rent one or more apartments due to covered damage your can receive loss of income monies until the apartment or building is repaired or rebuilt.


Equipment Breakdowns

Even the best maintained equipment can break down and having coverage that covers your losses in the event of a steam boiler explosion or hot water boiler malfunctions can help prevent you from losing much needed income.

Tenant Move Back

Should a tenant have to temporarily vacate their apartment or the premises while repairs are being made, Tenant move back coverage covers the expenses you incur when moving your tenant back into their apartment.

Heating and Air Conditioning Loss Reimbursement

This type of coverage reimburses you any payments made to tenants as a result of the complete loss of heating and air conditioning.

Here at Greenline Insurance Brokerage we can help you find the right customized apartment building insurance that will cover all of your needs without you having to pay more for insurance than you need. Just give us a call at 1-718-361-2000 and let us help you find the right apartment building insurance to meet your needs.

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